To the Moon – I’m not crying, just something in my eye

When a mobile moves another festival favorite, honorable audience winces again, the pixels of a three-graphics, cheap drama, stupid gameplay and enthusiastic reviewers drooling hipsters. As a rule, so it really is to genuinely love a winner IGF, you need to have a strong spirit and a wide tolerance to others ‘ creative labors. But there are truly great projects which, even though made by a team of enthusiasts, perform the main thing – to touch the soul. To the Moon, released six years ago, can not boast a powerful picture (here your favorite pixels) or some extraordinary gameplay. But it will make the soul doubt that you will long to come around. Because real art does not need millions of dollars and thousands of employees – just lines of text on top of the pop-eyed men.

The game starts with a mysterious scene: the old lighthouse, the sea breeze walking along the shore, the sun had long since left this place. In the spotlight – two colorful guys in robes. Inside the lighthouse – a dying grandfather. Bathrobes come to the old man, throw a couple of words, something to do… and transferred a dozen years ago. Grandpa is still alive (but children not see), the lighthouse is not so old, and the sun warmly hugs the shore – there’s still hope.

Hope for a better memory. Couple works sort of modulators of memory: they are able to return to past events to adjust the memory clients. Since this procedure is expensive and complex, service is called only at the end to have something to remember on his deathbed. The old man wanted to fly to the moon, but fate turned out differently. That all was fulfilled, he came to the main characters, and they undertook a journey of a lifetime – to penetrate the youth of the hero, and to influence him so that didn’t have a choice. To the moon and to the point.

To the Moon can be called a gaming version of “Boyhood”, only reversed and spanning many decades. For those three or four hours that the game is going, you slip someone else’s life from gray hair to infant nails. Old age, funeral, friends, wedding and birth, in General history of any age of a person, put on rewind. The usual, but surprisingly poignant and somehow honest accurate event served without embellishment, but they are not needed; we observe the grief and happiness of the individual. Each stop in a temporary voyage wagon little stories, funny and sad, but always catchy. “Vital” – often commentators write some lyrical film, and this epithet sticks to the absolute To the Moon.

The game is marketed as a JRPG, and outwardly, indeed, there are similarities – little heroes, cartoon environment. So I expect that now from the corner will come out Kraken, the doublet of the main characters would get a flamethrower and start a turn-based combat. But it’s not – there is almost no battles, and there is a small (sometimes very small) rooms that must be investigated. Well, and a bunch of absolutely simple puzzles, something in the spirit of hidden object – looking for the right things and learn from to apply.

The game sports beautiful graphics, and the pouring out of the speakers wonderful soundtrack, which is already five years successfully sold in iTunes. Tech To the Moon will not name exactly, but all these pixels and crooked characters miraculously cause a hundred times more likes than pumped polygons soldiers from Call of Duty – because behind every bunch of pixels is a cool story. And this, as revealed in the 2011th year, enough to make the piping game of our time.

It will cost you To the Moon 379 rubles – Steam-version of the expected costs cheaper, but the laptop with you on the subway is not dragged. The game is definitely worth the money, but keep in mind that porting was engaged by another company, and the errors sometimes reach out: users complain of periodic freezes and other schools. Well, while there is no Russian language, although his promise to attach the immediate update.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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