Top 28 best hidden features in iOS 10, you need to know about

On Tuesday, Apple released the final build of the new mobile operating system iOS 10. The platform features an updated control room, a new lock screen, and a redesign of many standard applications. iOS 10 boasts a large number of useful functions which might not be obvious to the user when you are first learning the OS.


1. To return to the usual method of unlocking

In iOS 10 default after unlocking by fingerprint you stay for the day and not get to the home screen. For those who like the style of unlock iOS 9 you can change this in the settings.

2. The ability to delete all messages in notification Center

Delete notifications from Instagram from five days of heavy (or long) by pressing the “X” in the notification Center.

3. Adjust the brightness of the flashlight

Strong press on the icon of the flashlight in control center you can select the level of brightness: strong, middle and weak.

4. The Function “Magnifier”

Want to make the world around you closer? It is sufficient to use the new function of iOS 10. Apple has built into the new OS the best magnifying glass in all applications. Magnification provides clear and quality picture. In order to activate the corresponding function, you need to go to Settings –> General –> Universal access –> Magnifier


5. Increasing the size of the sticker

After you have selected a sticker to send the message, a familiar gesture with two fingers, it can be done more or less, and your companion it will be displayed in the chosen size.

6. Use stickers instead of emoticons

More like, of course, to trolling than a hidden feature, but now the stickers can be placed on top of everything, including pictures and Emoji. Quite an interesting way to diversify correspondence.

7. Images are saved separately from the attachment

If you will be in a group chat, where every second someone sends any attached file, or just want to separate GIF files from the archives in the right dialog, navigate to the “Info” section and scroll to the bottom. All attachments have already been sorted by two different categories: image and attachments.

8. Read reports in each chat room

In iOS 10 read reports become available for each dialogue. The corresponding button is in the same “Information”section.

9. Sending the images in low quality

Animated stickers and a variety of gifs eventually take up much space in the archives iMessage. To the memory of your iPhone has not been filled with such content, go to Settings -> Messages and activate the low-quality mode.


10. Text Siri can be corrected

It often happens that the voice assistant Siri is misinterpreting it. Instead of having to manually make changes to the text, now you can simply click on the recognized phrase and Siri will offer several similar options commands. Thus, Siri will better define your voice.

11. Siri is able to do a selfie

If you ask Siri to do a selfie, start the front camera.


12. Siri, find my car

If your car has Bluetooth or CarPlay, Maps will automatically display its location will tell you when it was last used, and even allow you to add a photo.

You can also ask Siri: “Where’s my car?”, to obtain information about the vehicle’s location and even get directions to it.

13. Setting public transport

For people who often use public transport, Apple added in iOS 10 the ability to customize what type of transport you want to display. For example, you can hide the routes of trains or ferries.

14. The ability to quickly share location

Send your friends the location is now easier and faster. If you have a device with 3D Touch, enough to press harder on the icon of the app Card, and choose the appropriate option. Also the ability to share the location appears by clicking on a blue indicator showing your location in the app.


15. Sorting frequently used categories of letters

If in the mail settings by swipe to the left you have the function “to Move”, thanks to machine learning the app will begin to offer different categories of messages. For example, “Coupons and discounts”.

16. The completion of the

In iOS 10 the function of “Completion”, which allows you to view all messages in a conversation, even if some of them were moved to other mailboxes. If you prefer to have the newest emails appear on top, activate the item “the Last letter from the top” in Settings -> Mail.

17. Automatically unsubscribed from the mailing list

iOS 10 can identify the letters that relate to the automatic mailings and offers immediately to unsubscribe. Goodbye search button “Unsubscribe from newsletter” in small print at the bottom of the message.


18. The ability to quickly close all tabs

Absolutely want to close all tabs in the browser in one fell swoop? No problem, just hold down the button tabs in the lower right corner on the iPhone or in the upper right on the iPad, then the system will offer to close all existing tabs. This operation does not clear the browser history.

19. View and delete data individual websites

Want to get rid of specific cookies or web data. Go to Settings -> Safari -> Extras -> site Data.

Camera and Photo

20. RAW support in third-party applications

With the release of iOS 10 developers will have the opportunity to work with images in RAW format. Apple has provided tools to add to lenses the ability to shoot in this format.

21. Function Markup

The Photos app now allows you to draw something on the photo or the screenshot, add text, etc. If you don’t like your notes, they can always be removed.


22. New playlist with selected tracks

With iOS 10 and the new Apple Music app, the company added custom weekly collection of new music based on musical preferences of the user. Playlist is updated every Friday, but if you want you can save it in your own collection.

23. The viewing lyrics

In the new version of Apple Music to view lyrics. To do this, completely open the mini-player need to swipe up. Although Apple has claimed this feature at WWDC 2016, is difficult for many users to find this feature.

24. Space optimization

In older versions of iOS, Apple tried to implement automatic control of the size of the local library. With iOS 10 and Optimize Storage you can still let the system do it for you or to customize your music collection by yourself. At your discretion.

Other changes

25. The ability to save voice messages

If you don’t want to lose valuable information from the Voicemail or just want to listen to the recording again, use the “Share” button you can save any voice message.

26. Sleep mode

IOS 10 in the default Clock app available feature called “sleep Mode”. Apple offers to simplify the process of customizing an application, asking a number of questions. The user is prompted to specify the required number of hours for sleep and active days of the week.

Improvements in iPad

27. Spotlight anywhere

If your iPad is equipped with a connector Smart Connector or connected tablet Bluetooth keyboard you can call up Spotlight from anywhere in the system by typing Command + Space. The function works in Split View. Thus, in the left pane, you can display any app, even if it’s not in the recent list (Command + Tab).

28. Different settings for sensory and mechanical keyboards

Auto correct and auto-insert capital letters can be useful when using the virtual keyboard, but it’s not mechanical. IOS 10, you can use different settings for standard and a Bluetooth keyboard.

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