Top 3 Android apps that mimic the “night mode” in iOS 10

In iOS 10 users access to Night Shift, designed to make the use of iPhone and iPad more comfortable and safe in the evening. Technology limits in the evening the amount of blue light emitted by the screen, which makes it possible to reduce eye strain and improve sleep quality. For Android devices there are several apps that allow to achieve a similar result.


“You have trouble falling asleep? Your kids hyperactive when playing with the tablet before bed time? You use your phone or tablet late at night? Twilight may be the solution for you!” That’s what the developers tell us about your application.

The first launch of the app Twilight starts with a quick recap of the case: the program talks about what harmful blue light from the screen, what is melatonin and so on. Next, it opens the main screen that displays the switch settings for the screen and some basic functions.

In a few clicks, you can change the color temperature of the screen, the level of intensity and dimming the screen. However the parameters are set using the sliders and set the exact value is hard enough.

An example of the application shown in the respective screenshots above. Naturally, the level of “dimming” each tweak individually and screenshots will not give the full picture. In fact, the night really reduces the strain on your eyes and look at the screen much easier.

“Blue light filter”

And you know that the bright blue color on the screen of your gadget messes with your vision at night? You need to remove the blue color from the screen – apply the appropriate filter with the app “blue light Filter”.

The first thing you can adjust is the color temperature of the screen. This has five presets and manual adjustment. Thus it is possible to make the screen slightly paler, more yellow, and so on. For adequate display to avoid problems with color perception it is not recommended to dismiss the slider more than 20-30 divisions.

The second parameter is the screen dimming. This is some analogue of the brightness slider, but it will reduce the brightness even lower than this suggests a systemic level of brightness of the screen of your device.

As a free app “Filter blue light” has only the automatic switching on and off dimming of the screen while the color temperature remains the same, for ease of switching a switch device with notifications. In addition to the above capabilities, it allows you to turn on the flashlight, which is quite convenient.

Night Owl

You need to make the device’s screen is dimmer, and the brightness slider has rested in a corner? Now you do not have to strain your eyesight, you need to download and install Night Owl. The program without unnecessary narratives and arguments will take on the main and only screen of the app. It concentrated all the available features and capabilities.

First in the list of features is screen dimmer. This function allows you to reduce screen brightness lower than is permissible settings.

It means that this function will be used in the night time, so you can configure the automatic switching on and off. To do this we need to set the start time and stop the service.

After activating this option in the status bar, a notification will appear, through which you can adjust the brightness or even turn off the app.

Also, the application has a color filter. Option works when the dimmer screen and makes the image more soft, except for the bright blue color which is harmful to our eyesight.

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