Top-4 jailbreak tweak for iPhone and iPad this week

This week hackers from GSMagic Team revealed the jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 and promised to release a public decision. The developers complete the exploit, due out “soon”. Ahead of a highly anticipated release, the developers of the tweaks continue to release all new solutions for customization of jailbroken devices.

This week in the alternative app store has several new useful applications. MacDigger offers the four most interesting developments.

Rotary Lock

If you want to diversify the lock screen of your iPhone, you should install the Rotary Lock. The tweak allows you to enter a numeric password for the day is not a standard keyboard, and use the rotary handle is stylized under the handle of the safe.

The Rotary Lock is available in free and paid versions. Full version with support for themes is available for $0.99.


Another interesting tweak from Cydia called VolumePanel and aims to expand the adjustment possibilities of sound. It can be used flexibly to control the volume level for all audio interfaces on the iPhone. As you know, when playing music gadgets allow you to control only the volume level of the active channel. The user can separately adjust the sound level, for example, for Safari, or Phone. With VolumePanel is not a problem. The add-in is integrated in the control and adds a panel with vertical sliders for each active application.

Mini vMac

A simple app Mini vMac is an open emulator Macintosh computers for 68K CPUs. The choice available to Mac Plus, Mac II and Mac 128K.


Users of Spotlight will assess the potential for new tweak for customization in iOS search. Using PersonalSpotLight can fine-tune the search bar Apple: remove blur, disable tooltips and gestures swipe up/swipe to the right to launch panel and more. Only one function off a button Siri is worth it to put PersonalSpotLight.

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