Top 5 apps for stress management

Life in the big city is often an obstacle course that bring a lot of stress. Tell how to defeat fatigue using a few iOS apps.


The app was developed by the creators of the game “Monument Valley” in conjunction with the American psychologists. Thanks to the first Moodnotes got a beautiful and eye-catching design, and experienced professionals have done everything possible to help future users to cope with psychological problems.

The app aims to help the owner of iOS-devices to analyze their emotions and fight depression. According to the creators, the user must record all your feelings in Moodnotes in a private diary. After some time he will be a journal of your mood and emotions.

The program is also available on the Apple Watch, where your mood can be characterized with a single tap. Moodnotes can be downloaded in the Apple Store it costs 379 rubles. The app only works in English.


In General, similar to Moodnotes, MoodTools offers a few more choices of action. In addition to describing his mood, the user can also record all your deeds for the day and your reaction to them. Analyzing the received information, the application will provide useful information for self-study and offer YouTube videos that can help solve a particular problem.

The main goal of the creators of the program was to prevent the number of suicides around the world. In the appendices there is a special button: pressing it, the user will receive links to articles that will help him to get rid of negative thoughts.

The app can be downloaded free in the Apple Store.


For example learning about the difficulties that imposes a constant anxiety for even the usual tasks during the day, the developers and psychotherapists from San Francisco decided to make an app that would make life easier for its users, without burdening them with large expenses.

Pacifica is aimed primarily at combating stress and anxiety. The program, available for free in the Apple Store also helps you to remember your emotions and analyze them. She offers two ways of using this information to set goals or to use meditation to relax and calm down. The completion of small tasks has a positive effect on the psyche and helps to build a different approach to their implementation, even those who have anxiety almost chronic.

Stop, Breathe & Think

The app for meditation, which is ideal for those who suffer from constant anxiety, panic attacks or aggression. Stop, Breathe & Think teaches not only to relax but also to concentrate, be aware of its presence here and now, to seek the causes of stress and anxiety and just be kinder ā€” both towards themselves and towards others. Five minutes in day ā€” everything you need to begin your path to conscious quiet life. Meditation, according to the developers, based on medical research of the American psihoterapevta should help to improve not only the mental but also the physical condition of the user, since incorrect attempts of resistance stress can cause damage to the whole body.

In order to acquire the Stop, Breathe & Think, do not need to pay in Apple Store it’s free.


This is the program most often appears in social networks, and it has its own reasons. Meditation is the basic idea of Calm: according to the creators, special practices, such as holding the breath or listening to sounds of nature will help to get rid of anxiety. Exercises can be performed both before bedtime and in the middle of the day ā€” their implementation will not take more than ten minutes.

Calm is available for free download at the Apple Store.

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