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The identity of jony Ive’s recently becoming more popular: it sometimes seems that the ambitious Briton, which recently received another increase, say not less than about the legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs. Slightly moving away from the personality of the designer, the journalists of The Guardian have decided to make a list of the most interesting, in their opinion, the products to which he was directly involved. We add to that a little bit of history.

PowerBook 140 (1991 )

The first in the ranking of the masterpieces proved to be gadget, the design of which johnny has developed is still not working in Apple. At the time the company started to place orders for design equipment from third-party companies, and the choice of leadership fell on UK firm Tangerine, where he worked a young designer. By modern standards, the device looks quite awkward, but twenty years ago things were so different — the device has become a benchmark for the industry by setting the bar for rival manufacturers. By the way, Ive left Tangerine with funny circumstances. The fact that the Standard Ideal company engaged in the manufacture of sanitary ware, did not appreciate the daring project of the British, calling the bathroom its design “too expensive” and “too modern”. Apple such perspectives are clearly not scared, and already in 1992, Ive moved to Cupertino.

iMac G3 (1998)

On the best for the laptop finding the beginner not over. In the late 90-ies of XX century returned to Apple, Steve jobs, and despite the title of interim CEO, the company’s founder immediately resorted to drastic measures to “rescue the drowning”. According to jobs, is a product of those times was just disgusting, and this was one of the main problems of the brand. Perhaps the iMac deserves a separate description, because it not only marked the long-awaited return to the big Apple the PC market, but also popularized the prefix “i”, which has become a regular at future titles cupertinos hits. By the way, jobs himself wanted to call the new product “MacMan”, and the name iMac was suggested by an employee named Ken Segal. In his view, the letter associated with the words “Internet”, “individuality” and “innovation”, which, of course, like the head. Success was not long in coming — the new model has revived Mac sales, which had almost dropped to a catastrophic level. The original design of the computer developed by Aviom, not only separated him from the pack of monotonous competitors, but also helped him become part of the mainstream culture of the time. Joni has provided as many as five different body colors, which, everything else was still and transparent. The machine was produced in the form factor “monoblock”, has been equipped with a built-in 14-inch CRT monitor and built based on the architecture Power PC (G3 processor); as a complete operating system made by Mac OS 8 and later PC got an update to OS X. an Interesting fact: in the Apple iMac refused then some familiar moments like the drive to floppy disks (for CD) or special connectors for keyboard and mouse (in favour of USB), which caused bewilderment among critics. As you can see, the situation is not new — at various times skeptics regretted optical drives, cable modems and other gradually forgotten by the majority of users things. By the way, the next generation iMac G4 index are also recognized as the global benchmark for design and even received the affectionate nickname “Lamp jobs”.

iPod (2001)

Music industry is another world in which Apple has made its own revolution. Of course, she put a hand to her and johnny, who proposed an innovative design for branded iPods. It is noteworthy that Ive been working on a project of pocket player even before he was officially approved by Apple. Contrary to popular belief, touch-sensitive click wheel new models, which later became the symbol of the iPod and favorite element of the counterfeiting was not invented by johnny (the development itself belonged to Synaptics). However, the colorful design and convenient form of new gadget that comes so the taste of the buyers belong to the genius of the British.

iOS 7 (2013)

Let’s go closer to our days and look what you did johnny after Apple’s management has instructed him to design software. It would seem to go to a brand new class — a nontrivial task even for gurus, but the decision Quince arrived on time, and by the release of the seventh version of iOS, the audience enthusiastically discussed “refreshed” interface. Instead of the outdated skeuomorph elements imitating real-world objects, Joni was offered a modern “flat” approach, perfectly fit into the overall concept of minimalism Apple. Obvious innovations concerned and menu navigation, where there are handy gestures to switch between screens. By the way, few people remember that at the time the fifth edition (2011) in the trade press often heard the statement about “aging” the iOS interface, which allegedly looked ridiculous in comparison to more “modern” competitors. Well, subsequently, the opponents themselves have switched to flat design, forgoing volume and gradients with an interval of several years. Of course, there is nothing surprising in the fact that striking differences liked not all, but hardly can blame the Quince. Since the designer is only one of the first to catch the new trend in the industry, which subsequently has somehow become defining.

iPhone 6 (2014)

Completes the hit parade of the creations of johnny gadget, the success of which is able to impress even the most stubborn skeptics. The eighth and sixth item Apple generation brand of smartphone has become the second most popular among all iPhone for almost six months and even more strengthened the position of Cupertino in the telecommunications market. The company calls the machine the most significant change over the history of the line, and for good reason even from the side of aesthetics — two models were large diagonal screen, new design and thin, even by the standards of modern industry metal casing. Navigation gestures mentioned in the previous paragraph was obviously a way to simplify work with larger display screen, which once again demonstrates a thoroughness of approach Apple’s own innovations. In total, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been sold worldwide 120 million copies, becoming one of the most popular smartphones of our time.

Here is a makeshift chart creations Quince. It’s funny that in the list for some reason have not got the Apple Watch. Well, to tell you about all the masterpieces is not one material, and we wish johnny well continue to work for Apple, delighting her leadership, bold ideas, and users — beautiful and convenient solutions in the products. And that in his work you think is best? Don’t forget to share in the comments!

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