Top 5 games for Apple TV

Apple TV is a console not only for watching movies and TV shows, but for games. Talk about the best of them.

There are many great games that can be played either alone or with friends. Some even support Bluetooth gamepads, which makes TV set-top box into a full-fledged console. Presenting your attention the best games for Apple TV.

Asphalt 8

The best game of the Asphalt series which is available on Apple TV. Despite the fact that many users were complaining about in-app purchases, the game can go without them.

The game is available for free download in the App Store.

Rayman Adventures

The game is about the legendary Rayman, who has to Wade through thousands of different levels, defeating enemies and collecting the lost Pets. This is a really good platformer with great visual effects.

The game is available for free download in the App Store.


Game in the style of the cult game in which the main character looking for his father. At his disposal only an old notebook and a mysterious necklace. In the course of the game you have to sail through uncharted seas, solving puzzles, fight monsters, learn magic, and collect treasure to unravel the mysteries of Arcadia and sea monster Oxenhorn.

Price: 599 roubles.

Evoland 2

About this game we’ve previously reported. Great story, good graphics and a lot of jobs, the passage of which take more than one day.

Price: 459 rubles.

Lumino City

The plot is relatively simple: your grandfather, the caretaker of Lumino city, has been kidnapped and you must explore the city and the mechanisms that make it work. In the course of the game you have to collect items and restore the mechanisms that have failed.

All scenery for shooting Lumino City was made by hand from cardboard, paper, miniature lights and motors.

Price: 149 roubles.

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