Top 5 highest paid positions in Apple

Apple love their programmers. And no surprise that programmers are in the top most highly paid employees of the American giant computer electronics. But the company from Cupertino need a lot more than just programming. And Apple is ready to pay a lot of top specialists of all departments, as evidenced by actual information from Glassdoor.

Information on the salaries of Apple is based on anonymous data shared by current and former employees of the Corporation.

Software engineer ($121 900 per year)

Software engineer ā€“ one of the most valuable jobs in the Apple. In addition to brilliant knowledge of programming languages Swift, Objective C and Java, the employee must have skills testing and software maintenance. Apple prefers developers of applications for iOS with good communication skills and writing. In addition, Apple engineers should be able to solve complex problems. That’s why the company is known for its difficult for the brain teasers at interviews. But, she seems to compensate for this wage.

Project Manager ($106 600)

Project Manager at Apple is the administrative head of the functional project team, providing operational guidance and monitor implementation of work conducted under the project. The high level of earnings is easily explained. In the conditions of constant increasing competition, particularly relevant are the willingness of the Corporation to unexpected turns of events and the ability of competent managers to anticipate, plan and manage change.

Executive Manager ($84 000)

The position of Executive Manager in the Apple ā€“ as one of the most highly paid. People, successfully engaged in the search business customers, sales of products, organization of PR campaigns always in a special account, because of his actions to a large extent depends on the size of Apple’s profits. Executive Manager directs other professionals in the field of sales. Good salary Apple employee is comparable to the earnings of a successful private entrepreneur.

Marketing Manager ($144 171)

Marketing Manager ā€“ highest paid in the Apple. The operations officer is a job, applying knowledge of legislation on commercial activity and business market. The Manager conducts advertising policy of the company, knows all the features implemented by Apple products, is responsible for the strategy and development of corporate identity, sales promotion products, including promotion in the media.

Product Manager ($130 500)

This specialist is responsible to Apple for the creation of new products, market analysis, product policy, pricing, promotion of the product. This is the second level of payment position in the company. Employee actively interacts with sales, marketing, technical support, production, research and development. Its tasks include understanding the value of a new product for the consumer, ensuring its profitability and market penetration. Product managers are involved in sales and almost at every stage of the project. Apple produces not so many new gadgets on the market, so their importance for the company high.

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