Top 5 jailbreak tweaks for iOS devices this week

Jailbreak gives you dozens of benefits, allows you to bypass the restrictions of Apple and configure the gadget. How many times have you caught yourself the little things that could make using your iPhone or iPad easier and more convenient? MacDigger offers a selection of fresh jailbreak tweaks that can improve a number of aspects of the software platform Apple.


Proton ā€“ new tweak for iOS devices, which simplifies access to the music player. After installing the add-ins you no longer have to reach for the icon of the Music app or control center to put the music on pause or switch tracks: Proton displays an interactive widget in any place of the operating system. To run the widget, you can set any Activator gesture.

Prenesi 3

Thanks Prenesi 3, you can download to your smartphone videos, posted on the vast social network Facebook. The tweak integrates into the menu of the official app, adding a function of load. Ads that appears every time you start downloading videos, you can disable in the settings.


Not long ago, Google launched a branded keyboard for iOS devices Gboard. It is integrated in the services of the company, as well as functions predictive, spell check, gifs, Emoji, search, lets you find and transmit information, without switching to other applications. DarkGBoard the tweak does one simple thing ā€“ adds a dark mode for comfortable use of the keyboard in the evening.


LetMeSwitch ā€“ simple of the jailbreak add-on that simplifies switching of layouts on a standard Apple keyboard. Instead of the sequential switching of the keyboard blocks the tweak shows a menu with a list of all active keyboards. Download LetMeSwitch available for free from BigBoss repo.

TextSender for Pebble

Tweak TextSender estimated by the owners of smart hours Pebble. Thanks to this add-in you can send messages directly from the wearable device. Works in conjunction with the app in the Pebble store for iPhone. This add-on will cost $0.99.

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Clifton Nichols

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