Top 5 stylish Lightning cables that are not exactly the tear

It’s time to forget about the torn wires. We’ve gathered five of the most interesting and lucrative offers from store accessories where you can purchase not only stylish but also reliable Lightning cables for your favorite iOS devices.

Native Union BELT Lightning

Fabric wire, whose length is 1.2 metres, perfectly fits in a handbag or in your pocket thanks to the leather strap. The cable can be folded up and buttoned the button, which significantly reduces its size, protects from damage and ensures durability. Plus bright color that will not lose your accessory and will always appreciate its aesthetics. Wire can be purchased online here.

Belkin MIXIT Metallic Lightning

Beautiful and bright, this wire is made of copper and Nickel, which virtually guarantees complete security. This accessory will never be broken! A choice of four colors: pale pink (the most interesting), dark gray, silver and gold. A wide selection of clearance allows you to choose the perfect iPhone cable to virtually any color. Wire can be purchased here.

Nomad Lightning Carabiner

Designer absolute madness from Nomad will definitely draw the attention of others. This accessory cannot even be attributed to wires is a carabiner with an integrated cable. Materials – polycarbonate steel. To purchase this unusual accessory to charge at this link.

Hoco U5

Metal charging port Lightning never twisted and not broken. The choice available to only the dark silver color, but that doesn’t make the accessory less unique. It is convenient to use, and its durability and high level of reliability is one of the main advantages of cable. Buy it on AliExpress website.

EnergEA NyloGlitz Lightning

Fabric cable, black in color, similar in many ways Native Union BELT Lightning. The main differences in the design of the edges of the cable: EnergEA NyLoGlitz used a softer plastic, and a special pattern on it allows the elements of the cable does not slide in hands and be more tenacious and easy to use. To purchase this accessory here.

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