Top 5 widgets for Mac top bar

Many MacOS users”, almost forgot about status, as in most cases it is useless. But if you choose the right widgets, you can gain quick access to important applications and useful information from anywhere in the operating system.

There are many decent tools that are accessible from the top menu bar, the same Fantastical 2 or 1Password. In our review of the collected application, whose main goal is to be in the top bar of your Mac and make life easier.


According to the principle of DeskConnect reminds tehnologiju AirPlay, but offers more features. Using a utility you can use copy and paste between Mac, iPhone and iPad. Apple added in iOS 10 shared clipboard, but DeskConnect is available to users with 2013.

Any information sent is kept for 30 days, so you do not need to access the data at once ā€“ content can be put. The application must be installed on the Mac and iPhone / iPad.


Browserism provides an easy and quick way to switch between browsers on the Mac. For users accustomed to use a different absoleutely, it is possible to set the default browser, and even on schedule. For example, if you use during the day Safari, but your child prefers Chrome in the evening, you can switch web browsers automatically.

There are also some useful settings. One of them ā€“ open links in the background. For example, when reading email the link will open in a new window, so as not to interrupt work.

You can also configure to different web sites open in a specific browser. So for Hangouts, you can put the Chrome and all the invitations in Hangouts will be automatically opened in the browser from Google, even if you are using Safari as your primary.

iStat Menus 5

iStat Menus is the perfect tool for system monitoring. In recent years, the utility from Bjango has become one of the most popular among Mac users.

iStat Menus 5 allows you to monitor CPU and graphics, memory usage and disk space, network status, temperature, battery power ā€“ all stats are available “in one click”. For each data type, you can view a detailed report.

Items that will be displayed in the menu can be flexibly configured, so, for example, can be set to display only the statistics of the usage of CPU resources and network conditions. In the settings you can change the display order of elements.

If you want to be aware of the performance of Mac and to monitor the operating system, iStat Menus 5 is exactly what you need.


Surely everyone has heard of Night Shift mode in iOS 9, which changes the colour temperature of your display depending on the time of day. This feature is available on Mac computers.

F.lux automatically adjusts the screen brightness depending on the position of the sun. Its main task is to automatically change the color profile of the monitor throughout the day. For example, the day set cool colors, and at night, on the contrary, warm. This solution really reduces eye strain.

There is also a mode “Movie Mode”, which allows for hours watching the display, without much eye strain. Mode “Darkroom” adds the screen a red tint.

If you often work at the computer early in the morning or late in the evening, f.lux will help you to preserve vision.


When iPhone or iPad is discharged to 20%, the device sends a notification. But what if you want to make sure that you charge the device enough before leaving the house? You should install iBetterCharge. The app will send a notification when the battery level on your iPhone or iPad drops below the threshold from 5 to 50% at your discretion.

In order to connect your iPhone or iPad to iBetterCharge, you must activate the sync over wifi in iTunes. Thus the program can communicate with the device. In addition, the battery percentage is always displayed in the top line Mac.

iBetterCharge will become an indispensable utility for users who want to monitor the battery charge on all of their devices.

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