Tor Peace is the new Vice President of marketing for Apple

Recently Apple announced several changes in the management team. Including it became known that in the beginning of 2016 tor Peace will take the post of Vice President of marketing and communications. Colleagues from Business Insider offer to get acquainted closer with him, because on his shoulders will fall all marketing activities of the company, from advertising to packaging devices and design of retail stores.

The Torah Mirenu 43 years, and for the sake of working at Apple, he will step down as chief creative Director of the advertising network of Grey Group. In this company he worked for 8 years and calls them not just the most successful period in his career, but the best moment in my life. He is very proud of all their work, but Apple products always impressed and inspired him, so he can’t refuse the offer to join the team of Tim cook.

In the portfolio of the Torah Mirena is completely insane. For example, the famous advertising company E*Trade with a small child. Thor has won countless awards in its industry, came to the Fortune “40 under 40”. Grey Group congratulates Thor on his new appointment and regrets about his departure. They will lack of the one they call “Mad Man”. This nickname underlines the bold and crazy Torah attitude to advertising.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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