TotalMount Pro — so far, the best accessory for the Apple TV

Apple TV is a magical device, the magic may be lost in web of cables under your TV. Remote control and AirPlay work without wires, but for connecting the console to a TV will require a HDMI cable. Also Apple TV need the power cord. However, there is one accessory that will help to restore order, and called it TotalMount Pro.

This mount for Apple TV developed by American company Innovelis, and it is already sold in the Apple online store at 29,95 USD. It allows you to attach the console and the remote at the back of your TV. Included with the mount are also the holders for the wires, gently allows you to hide all the wires behind the TV.

There are several advantages of such solution. You do not need to look for a new set-top box, you will not see any hanging wires, but their length definitely will be enough. The remote for the new Apple TV will always be charged, and you will always know where he is. However, you can use TotalMount Pro not only with the fourth generation of consoles. Mount is compatible with the third, and with the second generation Apple TV.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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