Touch Home button the iPhone 7 doesn’t work without skin contact, in the winter there will be problems

Failure of the Home button, faced by many owners of iPhone, it seems that in the past. As in the latest MacBook, button in the iPhone 7 now not moving, and the feedback module Taptiс Engine most likely simulates the pressing. A feature of the new control body of the iPhone 7 is that the touch Home button only works when you have contact with skin.

“An interesting point. Cover the button of his iPhone 7 any material (e.g. fabric) and try to click. You will not succeed. The device works due to the Touch ID sensor – no communication with the sensor, no clicks,” writes May Hurley of Relay FM.

For residents of Northern regions, who often have to wear gloves, it can become a big problem. In fact, touch the Home button the iPhone 7 does not work even with the special gloves for touch screens that have fabric on the fingertips held the material.

“Just checked my “touch gloves”. To no avail. It seems that this winter we will use the Assistive Touch,” wrote David Smith of Developing Perspective, keeping in mind the iOS that allows you to use virtual Home button.

To work touch iPhone button 7 desired contact of a finger with the touch ring the Touch ID module. Touching a finger ring, the user activates the button. “This means that any clicks in the gloves,” said John Gruber of Daring Fireball.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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