TrackR has introduced two new tracker allows you to track any object through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS

TrackR, the company announced updates to its range of Bluetooth trackers to track valuable items. Devices called pixel and wallet 2.0 will be demonstrated at CES 2017.

TrackR is a pixel tracker in the form of a tablet, clothed in a plastic case and available in several color options. Label mounted on various valuable items, such as key chain, bag, TV remote and via app for iOS or Android allows the user to quickly find an object using a GPS locator. When the label of the tracker is beyond the Bluetooth signal to search for the connected GPS community others TrackR anonymously transmit the coordinates of lost things to the app owner.

The second novelty manufacturer – tracker for wallet TrackR wallet 2.0. The new model visually resembles a credit card. According to the company, the novelty is the thinnest tracker for wallet. TrackR wallet 2.0 works on the principle TrackR pixel, offering users search for items using Bluetooth or GPS.

Label TrackR operate from the internal batteries, which is enough for a year of work. The user can replace it without having to buy a new tracker.

TrackR and wallet TrackR pixel 2.0 support in conjunction with the TrackR atlas. This is a small module dimensions 48 x 38 mm, inserted directly in the socket, which is able to track all sorts of things via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS.

Track the location allows the mobile app. Of course, for objects that did not originally belong to the digital world and don’t have the adapters, you will have to use the Bluetooth label TrackR. In this plan you need to draw yourself. You also need to understand that if you live in a big house, one such device can not do because of the limited Bluetooth range.

TrackR pixel value is stated at $24.99 is, TrackR wallet 2.0 will cost at $29.99, atlas – $39,99. Sales of novelties start this spring.

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