“Truly Imperial luxury: marble iPhone 7 on available on pre-order for 199 000 rubles

The Caviar company specializing in exclusive decoration of smartphones Apple introduced the first iPhone 7. The decor unusual modification was first used composite white marble.

The design of the new device inspired by the architecture of the halls of the Marble Palace in St. Petersburg. As noted by the designers, the style of this architectural masterpiece is located in the point of transition from Baroque to classicism, that is what gives it incomparable elegance.

“He was an Italian elegant, but at the same time, one glance is enough for him to understand – this is true Russian Imperial luxury,” described the new Caviar.

On the iPhone 7 is engraved the coat of arms of Russia. 750-1 gold sample covered with a top and base panels at the rear, they are decorated with carving and inscription “Russia”, made in the style of medieval Russian calligraphy.

“Jewelers Caviar repeated patterns of the Marble hall in a miniature format of the phone, recreating their white marble and supplemented it with the gold Emblem of the Russian Federation. This accessory makes a powerful impression as every meeting with something truly magnificent, noble and luxurious,” said the company.

The cost of the marble iPhone 7 with 128 GB of memory is 199 000 rubles, version with 64 GB will cost 10 000 rubles cheaper.

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