tvOS 10 available to owners of Apple TV fourth generation

Of course, owners of Apple TV fourth generation among our readers is significantly less than the iPhone and iPad. All the attention to itself drew released iOS 10. However, those who have already bought the latest version of set-top boxes from Apple, too, is waiting for a firmware update. tvOS 10 came immediately after the operating system for mobile devices and is already available for installation.

Install the latest version of the operating system for Apple TV fourth generation you can visit the settings section of Update. You will show an update is available and you will be able to start the installation process. It will take time, during which the console will restart multiple times.

If you have not changed the settings of my console, after a while it will automatically download tvOS 10 and will offer you the update. Automatic updates as configured in menu “software Update”.

Unfortunately, tvOS 10 only available to owners of the fourth generation Apple TV. Older consoles will no longer receive updates.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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