Twitter has activated the “Night mode” in an official app for iOS

Social network Twitter has added a special mode night mode in the app for mobile devices. The so-called function Night Mode became available Monday on the iPhone and iPad.

One of the innovations of the popular social network is a night mode that can be turned on in the evening. While the user interface is automatically changed. Function is available in the Twitter app without updates through the App Store.

A few months “Night mode” was in beta testing. White text on a dark background for many users is not the most comfortable combination. As expected in the final version there was a separate switch day and night modes.

In order to activate the “Night mode”, you should close the application (if it was open), go to the ‘ me ‘ tab, click on the gear icon and then “Enable night mode”.

Last month Twitter introduced a Dark Mode feature for users of Android-devices, to motivate people to use the app. The update wasn’t available for iPhone and iPad.

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