TYLT Energi: how to extend the iPhone twice

Probably don’t need to remind you that the battery life of the iPhone 6 leaves much to be desired. My smartphone is at best “hold” 7-8 hours in active use and are rarely “survive” until the evening. But what if you have a long flight or a hike in the woods? Of course, you can take a portable external battery, but even better to use a stylish case with built-in battery.

One of such cases — TYLT Energi — we will talk today. This case is fundamentally different from other similar devices, all of which we used to see in the Chinese online stores. It consists of two components: an ordinary case for your iPhone 6 and a special attachment with Lightning. When you don’t need to charge the smartphone, you can just carry it in a case, and then connect it to the battery.

The whole design is very pleasant to the touch, and, most importantly, even with the battery case does not seem so bulky. Although to be fair he has 3200 mAh — that’s enough for almost twice to charge iPhone 6.

On the back of the case-the battery there is a power button, where you can also find a charging indicator — or how to understand when a case needs to be recharged? Charged it using the micro USB cable that comes in the kit.

By the way, neither the case nor the case-the battery does not cover any important ports of your smartphone. There is convenient access to the Lightning port, lock button and volume controls and the headphone Jack. Many counterparts when they connect to the iPhone does not allow you to connect headphones.

The question you wanted to hear the answer is no, the iPhone 6 camera sticks now. And the more it sticks, if you plug in your extra battery.

In General, a very handy thing in modern conditions, when Apple still are unable to provide a full day battery life iPhone 6 (iPhone 6 Plus not all that bad). Case manufactures is known for its American accessories company TYLT, the headquarters of which is located in California, near Cupertino.

To purchase this case you can store iVenue for the price of 5 989 rubles.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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