Typical iPhone problems and their solutions in the home

First, like most iPhone owners, we use a new appliance with great care and attention. But pretty soon the phone begin to appear small scratches, chips and even dents. We lose vigilance. And then there are different kind of trouble.

The main problem faced by iPhone users is the damage to the display Assembly. The fault occurs mainly due to impact or dropping your iPhone on hard surfaces. Also the touchscreen can be damaged because of deformation or moisture.

If you encounter this or any other problem, you have little choice – to go to service or repair their own. Let’s try to understand what is better and what problems may be encountered in either case.

Asking for repair in good service center, you will receive an accurate diagnosis, a guarantee on the work performed and advice during and after the repair. Maybe you’ll even be treated to tea with sweets. But do not forget that you can easily run into Amateurs, and instead you lose time, get headaches and, worse yet, will collect the faulty device. Remember, the main sign of poor service is low price. Therefore, when choosing the place of repair is not worth it to focus on the minimum cost of services!

Deciding to fix your own, you are surely well to save. In addition, you will be in complete confidence that nobody submenu your genuine parts. However, the lack of experience and proper tools can play a cruel joke with you. One awkward movement — and instead of saving you will receive additional expenses.

But not as bad as it might seem at first glance. Gone are the days when a suitable tool had to be ordered overseas and wait a month until it’s delivered. Now all you can buy in us without a long wait. Moreover, in recent years, a great many training videos and articles relating to the repair of equipment Apple, acting which you probably without problems, replace faulty parts on your iPhone.

Here are a few tips for those who decided to replace the screen on your phone:

  • Before starting work you must turn off the iPhone. By “disable” we mean the pads disconnect the battery from the motherboard.
  • Apple doesn’t produce spare parts for sale, and if the seller claims to have original parts, so you either cheat, or parts of another analysis apparatus. However, there are parts of the highest quality, the so-called “Original”, sometimes no different from the factory.
  • When buying parts, be sure to ask the seller about its quality. He gives a warranty, and if so, do not be lazy to learn the conditions of return.
  • The displays come in various quality and visually not much different. Only in some cases, you can notice the obvious burrs on the plastic frame or the uneven edges of the circle under the Home button.
  • Before you peel off the warranty sticker, make sure to check the screen for performance. You need to check color reproduction, viewing angles and correct operation of the touchscreen. This procedure can be carried out in a semi assembled state, but it is important to do this with great care in order while checking in any case is not moved either one of the connectors of screen Assembly.
  • If you purchase a screen the seller offers you to glue your glass, we recommend you to think over. Yes, the price may be much cheaper, but as you know, avaricious pays twice. And if you come across by Amateurs, during the plywood under the glass can fly into the dust, almost certainly will have yellow spots on the display, the touchscreen will work with delays. In the end, you still have to change the whole display module.

Now let’s talk about other issues that may arise with your iPhone. Let’s start with the batteries. The price of battery may vary from the cheapest NONAME, where the percentage of defects up to 40% in the party until proven and expensive, for example, Craftmann. Deciding to change the battery, you need to understand – and it does it? If the problem with the discharge, or incorrect battery came suddenly, for example after a fall, flooding or connecting to an unknown charging, most likely, it’s not the battery and the other electronics.

To change the battery costs in the following cases:

  • If the old battery was swollen. Pull not worth it, otherwise it may risk fire or even explosion.
  • A large number of recharge cycles. Usually the life of lithium batteries does not exceed a few years.
  • Have spontaneous off the phone, for example, 15% or another close to this value the charge battery.
  • Bad running in the cold: turns off when using the power-consuming functions, turns off at 20% charge and above.

After you replace the batteries, be sure to check the progress of charging. There are cases when the battery is charged not completely. If charging OK, let’s see if the iPhone is switched off the residual charge, for example, 10-15%. We also recommend that the first few times to charge the iPhone to full charge and discharged it to zero.

Remember that when the self-repair should be very carefully and do not unplug the connectors sharp movements or metallic objects. For reassembly in any case it is not necessary to apply physical force when connecting the connectors. Try to stick Slavik from a different angle or make use of any auxiliary tool.

And now some useful information about typical breakages iPhone:

iPhone 4 and 4s

  • When you replace the screen Assembly on the iPhone 4 is quite common to encounter with incorrect work of the proximity sensor or as it is called the master, the ear sensor. The problem appears in that case, if the light transmission window of the proximity sensor on the new glass is different from the original. In this case, you’ll likely need a replacement screen for a better copy. And only in a small number of cases, this problem can be solved by gluing the partitions between the IR emitter and receiver on the sensor. Also sometimes it helps to fill with a dark marker window on the back side of a touchscreen.
  • “Blade” module Wi-Fi on iPhone 4s. After some time in the phone settings lost item Wi-Fi. The problem is solved in a service center. Takes or “reball” IC Wi-Fi

iPhone 5, 5s and SE

  • When you replace the display on these models is necessary to assess the condition of the hull. If the average violation of the geometry of the body on the plastic frame of the display may be uneven pressure. Consequently even the quality of the display will gradually begin to fall apart, it is incorrect to react to clicks and ultimately fail. And despite the strong deformation, replace the screen is not possible
  • On the screen after the replacement has vertical stripes or ripples, bad touch. In this case, most likely, not fully connected one of the connectors of the display. You need to disconnect the battery and reconnect all cables of the screen Assembly. Be careful, as the connectors on the screen and on the Board very easily deformed.
  • In 5s and SE when you open you should not forget to disconnect the Flex cable of Home button. Otherwise, it is possible to “brick” and, surely, you will never work with Touch ID.
  • Displays 5s and SE are identical.
  • A typical problem is poor propeica the ribbon cable that connects the hearing aid speaker charge iPhone 5. A symptom of this problem is poorly functioning or completely broken speaker. Solved propanol or replacement of Flex cable with front camera.

iPhone 6 and 6+

  • Have a very soft body, with a strong deformation of the touch screen may start to come unstuck from the frame. In this case, the required replacement housing.
  • After replacing the display or battery of the iPhone 6 began to spontaneously reboot. At boot may hang in the Apple or to receive a blue screen. Most often the problem is caused by improper repair. When reassembling mixed up the screws and the long screw was screwed in place short. Resulting in damaged tracks on the motherboard. To avoid this trouble can be marked screws in the analysis, or to use special organizers for screws.
  • On the screen after the replacement has vertical stripes or ripples.
  • In this case, most likely, not fully connected one of the connectors of the display. You need to disconnect the battery and reconnect all cables of the screen Assembly. Be careful, as the connectors on the screen and on the Board very easily deformed.
  • Without any external influences, the phone gradually stopped charging. Here it is, most likely, in the mud, caught in a Lightning charging connector.
  • Simply take a needle and carefully, without touching the connector contacts, to get out the dirt.

iPhone 6s and 6s+

  • The case is much stronger, otherwise all similarly 6, 6+, with the exception of the more expensive and structurally more complex display

iPhone 7 and 7+

  • The first couple of months, we expect the price of the displays will be about 40 thousand in 7-ku and 50 thousand for 7+. Then prices will gradually fall, and with the advent of Chinese counterparts acceptable psychological mark.

In addition to the drops, wear and tear, the phone can be another trouble – moisture. In this case time does not play in your favor. The sooner you open the phone and disconnect the battery, the lower the probability of failure of components on the motherboard. In the presence of at hand a suitable tool to do this is not difficult. If you open the phone in the first minutes after priming and dry it, the maximum that waiting for you is a rattling speaker and stains on the illuminated display. If cleaning, drying and tightening, the consequences can be much more serious.

And a nice bonus for those who read to the end. Apple is constantly working on fixing bugs and leads the expanded programme of replacement and repair of their equipment. If you are faced with the problem listed in this list, free of charge repair or exchange your device.

Buy spare parts for iPhone, as well as a tool for self-repair all Apple products in the store Atiba.

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