Ugears – assemble wooden parts of a working locomotive

As you know, the first forty years are the hardest in the life of a boy. Adult men have to pretend they are not interested in the car on the control quadcopters, gaming consoles, action figures and other wonderful items with which to operate on people after the age of 18 somehow considered shameful. The company Ugears deals with the fact that this breaks the stereotype of the knee: to collect (and run) their small toys are not only useful for all ages, scary fun and cool, but also difficult – before drove off a wooden boat, you will have to spend a little more time with a dozen hours. Moreover, no glue, nails and screws: only hundreds of little parts, rubber bands and a bit of magic that will power your collected gear.

Toys Ugears you can keep an eye on the relevant web page, and there you will see a scattering of wooden wonders: from small “Trebisov” to operating pneumatic machinery. But we will talk about the three main hits of the company: the locomotive, the box and the truck.

Safety Deposit box, as well as other designers, apply unassembled and with great instruction on Board. Really have to explain that in the box you will see 179 microscopic parts and their Assembly have to spend at least six hours. A mosaic, only useful in everyday life. When you make your first Deposit box (this is not a step from the instructions) carefully examine how to exploit a working framework. You can program the tiny safe in tranzitornoe combination, and nobody will be able to hack it – unless, of course, in your environment no completed by vandals. The numbers have to choose from 1 to 9, and it will be extremely fun. Especially if you hone in on “store” any gift – say, a ring.

Above the locomotive will have to sit a little more (no joke, 443 items!), but the result is worth it – and the process will not like is that only the finished hot-headed. As with all designers Ugears, the engine is not necessary to use glue or other means at hand – only the contents of the box and hands. After 10-12 hours you will spend on “building” will not only get a moving locomotive, but quite a useful knowledge about how to construct such equipment. Because the Assembly process in the constructor in exactly the same collection mechanisms of the present steam locomotives. Well a little thing on the ground gives you the same emotions as the wooden wonder, playfully ran on rails on the powerful resyndicated. Again, the details – the engine’s move ladders, open doors, body crawling the noble inscriptions, and in the tender can be put. For example, a card or a special Cup for the loose jaws of others.

The third masterpiece which broke our heart, repeats the shape of the legendary “Lorry”. To assemble the truck, you need to spend 12 hours, connect together more than 400 parts. As in the case of a locomotive, the Assembly process is taken from original – for this half day you will learn the principle devices of heavy equipment. Pendant, piece, stall, even transmission and engine – all this will pass through your patient hands. When the model is ready, do not hesitate to let the truck: the engine start using the key or the kick starter. You can press on the gas pedal (increase the speed), open the hood, doors and body side. And in the body put the remains of the seriousness and whooping drove off in a truck somewhere in the kitchen.

Order designer on the site There and to see the rest of the range – as we have said, it’s huge. At the same time and ask the price of toys are expensive, but the prices are absolutely fair: the material is extremely high quality, and the mechanism is extremely complex. For example, the locomotive will cost about six thousand rubles (it is possible and necessary to buy separately the platform for R. 5690), truck as many and safe at 3990. But how many emotions and a wide field for the application designer, you can donate (will be happy with any males from 7 to 70), to buy, to buy a child, surprise your colleagues or to shock the boss. Delivery in Moscow when ordering from 3500 rubles in the regions – depends on the pricing of the courier service.

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