Ukrainian developer has launched an online generator of handwritten notes of a “Scribe” for students

Ukrainian designer Valery Levchenko has launched a service that generates hand-written text-based electronic documents. “The scribe”, as he calls the programmer is still in the beta stage, but his work can appreciate anyone.

According to the developer, “the Scribe” will help in combating the stupidity of the teachers as “tolerance for trash”. The service understands Russian and English texts, the punctuation, and numbered and bulleted lists, and formulas. The program even takes into account the natural slope of the text when writing with the right hand.

As told to TJ Valery, “the Scribe” generates text with various mistakes and errors to make it look as realistic as possible. In the future, it will allow you to instantly print your completed notes and choose a handwriting.

In Valery plans to add the ability to use your own handwriting to anyone. It is planned to add five standard hand writing, check for errors, and formatting text in Word, including the underline, and change color.

Currently, users have access to only basic text generator, but the release will also see several types of substrates for A4 paper (cell, line and sheet for reports issued in accordance with GOST).

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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