Ukrainian MacPaw launched the “killer Mac App Store” with unlimited access to apps for $10 a month

MacPaw has announced a software store for Mac, which for only $ 10 per month subscribers will receive full access to all applications from known developers. Today was the launch of the beta testing of the project.

At the moment Setapp works by invitation, and the final release is scheduled for Jan. Today in the directory are 49 variety of applications. Moreover, the emphasis MacPaw makes on quality: according to the developers, the plans to place on Setapp no more than 300 applications, but the best on the market.

The number of applications available to users by subscription, CleanMyMac, CodeRunner, Elmedia Player, Gemini, HazeOver, iMazing, iStat Menus, Remote Mouse, Screens, Xmind and many others from Ulysses, CodeRunner, Blogo, RapidWeaver, Base and other third-party developers.

To use Setapp, you need to register and download the app store. After that, the user will be able to use any apps from the catalog by double-clicking. “Setapp — less risky and more flexible way to buy, sell and use software for Mac which provides the best experience for both users and developers,” — said on the website MacPaw.

Profit will be share with the developers depending on how often and how long users use their products. Also, the size of contributions depends on the type of application. For example, Ulysses is expected to use every day, and CleanMyMac 3 – about once a month. MacPaw will take into account such specificity. 30% of revenues will steadily move away Setapp, two-thirds of this amount promise to give developers that will bring more people to the site.

According to the developers, Apple will not prevent healthy competition in the macOS. With Setapp provides a much better interface than the Mac App Store. “It sleeker. It’s faster. And it already has an impressive collection of premium apps that you want to upload”, — stated in The Next Web.

To participate in the beta testing Setapp on the official website of the project.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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