Ukrainians collect money on Indiegogo for a case for iPhone with built-in condom [video]

Ukrainian developers came to the platform Indiegogo with an original project called Condomizer. They developed a case for iPhone that can securely store duty protection in case of an emergency. As conceived by engineers, rubber product ā„–2 will always be on hand at the right time.

Condomizer is a case that can be attached to a smartphone, on the wall in the bathroom, on furniture or any other surface. Hard case protect the condom from mechanical damage and direct sunlight. Open Condomizer one motion.

As noted Ain the wearing of a condom in your pocket can lead to the rupture of the packaging and damage, which will lead to the risk of transmission of infections or unwanted pregnancies. In the modern world, smartphone is an inherent part. Because if you attach to a mobile device case for a condom, will be able to eliminate the risk of damage.

The case is available in six color options in plastic tanks and in two colors when using the metal enclosure.

The team has launched a promotional campaign to support its project on Indiegogo. They plan to collect $1000 in 48 hours. At the time of writing the post of the necessary $1000 was collected only $149. The idea is still interested in the 29 people.

Plastic cases users will have to pay Indiegogo for only $1 apiece. Metal is more expensive ā€“ $5 for silver, $10 gold. Delivery of accessories planned for next week.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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