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Watches have long ceased to be an ordinary clock, becoming a hybrid phone, a fitness tracker, calendar, and Bluetooth headset. Their usual function is to show time – added a scattering of possibilities. But the price was raised, a fashionable Apple Watch worth unimaginable money, practical Moto 360 will also have to pay the cost of a good phone. But what do the people who want to try out the new range of Wearables, but not sure what it is they are direct need – and the money already paid ? Or who believes that a clock – albeit clever – in principle have no right to cost more than ten thousand? Seek alternatives – production of smart watch has long been established, this has succeeded not only cutting-edge companies. Let’s look at the Ulefone GW01 watches.

Externally Ulefone GW01 looks like a regular chronometer in a classic design. Simply round dial, tempered glass, strap and stainless steel elements – only the lack of arrows gives hours of intellect. The brains of the novelty is built a moderate power, but the gadget works not on Android, and on your operating system. This is both a plus and a minus: on the one hand, watch Shine a few days without recharging, and with other applications much less than could be on Android.

But what you get is more than enough. Has several dials (from sports to “the officer”), as well as all of the important functions of a smart watch. The gadget is able to receive calls, vibrate when your phone come SMS, via the dial even you can talk – the main thing to configure on the Bluetooth phone. You can separately configure a number of “quick” numbers that will cause a tap on the clock – is convenient and useful in the case of force majeure. And Ulefone GW01 interested in working with notifications: you can force the watch to vibrate when you have the game on the smartphone is ripe potatoes.

But this is only a superficial layer of skills Ulefone GW01. In the watch a number of fitness functions. For example, a heart rate monitor – gadget will show your heart rate, and with high accuracy. If you frequently jog in the gym or in the Park, and know that in any case can not allow the systematic abuse of pulse mode can be enabled ECG – clock will in real time monitor your heartbeat. Another nice feature is the thermometer of the body. No need to thoughtfully apply her palm to her forehead, Ulefone GW01 you explain in detail if you have a fever.

In addition, Ulefone GW01 equipped with classic pedometer and a number of other useful functions in combination with the heart rate monitor they give a powerful effect, and can be a great help for any athlete-Amateur. Well, the common man will appreciate the slim number of useful skills – from clock and calendar to the remote control phone book and camera.

And another important point – unlike competitors, Ulefone GW01 are very cheap. The cost of hours on Gearbest.com starts from $ 50 – good price for anyone trying to get a smart watch, but not yet ready to spend a lot of money.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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