Unlocking the secret of Apple Watch notifications

If you are the owner of Apple Watch and have an increased attention to detail, then you probably have noticed that some app icons, notifications sent to the watch, have a round shape and some square. Why is this happening and what is the meaning fraught with the decision of the inhabitants of Cupertino? Let’s find out.

Actually, the answer is very simple: the shape of the icon depends on whether the application runs on the hour or on the connected iPhone. If in this case the content is simply mirrored from the smartphone onto the screen of the Apple Watch, the notification icon will be square, and the message is purely informative in nature. If you see a round icon, it means that the notification is sent with the hour, and you have the opportunity to interact with it.

By the way, it so happens that the same application can send messages as with round or square icon — for example, Mail. In this case, if the icon has a square shape, this means that the letter is not in your Inbox, and if the round is what gives you the right opportunity with hours to respond to email. It would seem that the function is subtle, but if you pay attention to the shape of app icons, it can save you some time.

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