[UPDATED] Night Shift in iOS 9.3 will not allow you to save the battery

In iOS 9.3 there was an interesting new feature called Night Shift ā€” with its help, the screen of the iPhone or iPad automatically (or scheduled) changes the temperature for comfortable reading, for example, before going to sleep. The display becomes slightly yellowish, and in the dark is what we need. But here, unfortunately, not without annoying frustrations.

It turned out that the Night mode Shift associated with energy-saving-mode by which it becomes possible to increase the battery life of your iOS device. The system disables some features to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has been able to operate longer without recharging.

If you activate power saving mode when enabled, Night Shift, the latter will simply be disconnected, and the corresponding icon in the “control Center” will become inactive. You can activate it only in case, if you cancel the power saving mode.

So, Night Shift consumes too much energy, which he can’t work with mode battery saving. Well, or is it a misstep for Apple, which did not support two of the modes in iOS 9.3. Given recent events, we won’t be surprised.

UPD: Night Shift and power saving mode, as it turns out, can still work at the same time. It’s enough to ask Siri to turn on Night Shift (Night Shift Enable mode), after switching the voice assistant in English. So this seems to be another bug of iOS 9.3.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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