US police buying alternative iPhone

Expensive tools to unlock the iPhone in high demand from the American police and help the guards order to access suspects ‘ phones. It is reported by Cult of Mac.

In the spring of 2018 was presented razblokirovki GrayKey. This device was developed by company Grayshift, among the founders of which there is at least one former Apple employee.

The device is available in two versions: for $ 15,000 you can buy a device that can unlock the iPhone 300 times. For initial settings of the modification you must be connected to the server Grayshift. Version for $ 30, 000 will work without restrictions.

The device allows you to quickly find the passcode to the iPhone, not withstanding the time interval between failed attempts. Typically, the unlock can take from four hours to a couple days.

Despite the high cost of Gazeta, American police and the FBI are mass purchases of similar instruments. The manufacturer guarantees that the device will work forever. Now Grayshift exploits a hole in security of iOS. However, Apple may at any time to detect and close it.

However, if the authorities fail to reach an agreement with Apple, which intends to protect the right of clients to confidentiality, the police will have no choice but to continue to invest in device-alternative.

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