US police received instructions on how not to accidentally turn off Face ID in the iPhone suspects

This month, the U.S. was the first recorded case of requirements unlock the phone by Face ID of the suspect by law enforcement. Yesterday, October 13, Motherboard the publisher announced that the American police are getting instructions on how not to accidentally disable the unlock by Face ID.

Scanner face unlock to iPhone X and later provides 5 attempts facial recognition before the function will be disabled and will require you to enter a passcode. The only solution for law enforcement agencies to avoid the inconvenience when Face ID is not to look at the phone display.

Publisher Motherboard also explained that the presentation of the trial of Elcomsoft, which was shown to the police and investigators illuminates the problem and warns that they “should not look at the screen, otherwise the same will happen what happened at the presentation of iPhone X Craig Federighi”.

“It’s pretty simple. The passcode is required after five unsuccessful attempts, the identification of the person, therefore, looking at the phone of the suspect, the investigator immediately lose one of the attempts,” ā€“ said Vladimir katalov, Elcomsoft CEO.

This is not the first case when the management of law enforcement agencies is developing guidelines to avoid blocking biometric scanners iPhone. For example, with Touch ID, the police have been instructed to always use the power button to turn on the device, not the Home button:

“With Touch ID, you must press a button (or at least to touch it); therefore, we always recommend you to use the power button to not leave fingerprints and will not lock your iPhone. But with Face ID attempt may “burn out” by accident, if you just look at the phone,” ā€“ said Katalov.

How to turn off Face ID on the iPhone X and newer

Apple thought through how to quickly turn off Face ID in situations where the user does not want that someone could unlock the gadget.

To do this, simply press and hold the volume button and the power button for a few seconds. Then you will see the slider to power off the device and the emergency call. Face ID is now disabled, and to unlock the device, you must enter your passcode.

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