Users AliExpress get emails from scammers

The online store AliExpress told reporters Dr. Web about getting fraudulent emails. They were sent supposedly from representatives of the company.

According to the publication, users of an online store AliExpress repeatedly received messages sent allegedly on behalf of company representatives. In the reports received were used not only the logo but also the corporate style of the company that owns AliExpress Alibaba Group. Taking advantage of the carelessness of clients, cyber criminals referred to them by name, that only caused more trust among users. According to experts Dr. Web, contact information of customers, the hackers were able to obtain using stolen or purchased databases one of the cashback services.

In the message the crooks pointed out that his target in the past was an active user store repeatedly acquired the goods and left feedback, therefore AliExpress expresses gratitude and offers access to inside the online store where it is easy to get a gift or a discount on the desired product. The link in the email brought the user to the phishing site, designed in the style of an online store AliExpress. When trying to purchase a particular product, the user has transferred to third-party trading platforms, which have proven to be fraudulent: they brought customers purchase that does not meet the description on the website, and resell low quality fakes at inflated prices.

Experts Dr. Web has conducted its own investigation, which found that the address listed on the website of the Moscow fraudulent online store is invalid: there is a building of the school. In addition, the INN, which indicate the senders of messages is non-existent.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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