Users have found a way to bring back the old design “Vkontakte”

Wednesday “Vkontakte” in order forcibly moved the entire audience on a new design, causing the indignation of the users in the Network. The members of the social network opposed the transition to the new design. Many page owners was required to keep the possibility to use the old version of registration “Vkontakte”, which, in their opinion, is much more convenient.

One of the users, dissatisfied with the mandatory installation of the new design of “Vkontakte”, even created a petition to grant users the “right to choose”, while retaining “the ability to use the old design.

Many users have complained that with the new design of “Vkontakte” became too much like “Classmates”, Twitter and Facebook. To return to the previous version of the design in social networks is not provided ā€“ starting today, the old interface is completely disabled. In the network appeared informal way, which allows to solve the problem.

How to bring back the old design “Vkontakte”:

Step 1: Install the Stylish extension for Google Chrome or Firefox.

Step 2: Open the page style for old design “Vkontakte”. Click the “Install with Stylish” to download the theme.

Step 3: Confirm installation of add-on to Stylish.

Step 4: Restart the browser the page “Vkontakte”, to see the changes.

Style the developers promise to fix all the bugs soon. Users will only need to update the style by using the Stylish extension. To do this, find the browser icon for the extension, Stylish, select “Manage installed styles” and then click “Check for updates”.

“VKontakte” announced a new design on April 1. Almost every section of the social network has undergone a radical revision. In the left menu has less items, and the most popular sections are moved to the top of the screen. Also, much has changed and the section “Messages”. In this version of the design in the left side of the screen contains the list of the last dialogues, and the right ā€” current correspondence.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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