Users have found a way to hide the dock on iPhone with iOS 10.3.2 without jailbreak [video]

Many iPhone and iPad users, what would they think Apple are interested in the possibility of customization of the interface. For this reason users resort to jailbreaking due to which you can install themes and various visual add-ons for iOS. In this article we will talk about the decision with which you can implement software modding the OS without having to jailbreak.

IPhone users found a way to disable the dock in iOS. To do this, as it turned out, very simple, although the explanation for this phenomenon is not found. Most likely, we are talking about a software glitch that is present on the iPhone Plus.

To reproduce this trick, enough during the animation of the transition from portrait to landscape mode press the Home button.

How to hide the dock without jailbreak:

Step 1. Open the control station and disable the lock screen rotation.

Step 2. From the home screen open the page with widgets.

Step 3: Rotate the iPhone to landscape mode and simultaneously press the Home button.

Step 4. Quickly return the iPhone back to portrait mode.

After these steps, the standard dock icons will disappear from the screen of your smartphone. If you are unsuccessful with the first attempt, try again. At one point you will get the desired.

Below is an instructional video on how to hide dock on iPhone:

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