Users have found a way to return the gesture “Slide to unlock” instead of unlock Home button in iOS 10

IOS 10, users will have to say goodbye to one of the most frequently used features of mobile devices. Instead of the classic gesture “Slide to unlock” to unlock the iPhone and iPad uses the “Press Home to Open.

10 iOS developers, Apple has completely redesigned the lock screen. The familiar swipe to the right gave way to a new team – pressing the Home button. Many beta-testteam operating system, this method seemed uncomfortable, so they began to look for an opportunity to return to the traditional “Slide to unlock”. And they got it.

How to return the gesture “Slide to unlock” on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10:

Step 1: Make a backup of your iPhone or iPad to iTunes. This is not a standard precaution, but a necessary step to perform the hack.

Step 2: Download iBackupBot, click on this link. The app is available for operating systems Windows and macOS.

Step 3: Open iBackupBot and select the window you have a recent backup of your device.

Step 4: In the sidebar open the folder /System Files/Home Domain/Library/Preferences

Step 5: In the folder find the file

Step 6: double click on the file to start editing function.

Step 7: Paste the code located below the after immediately after the tag


Step 8: Save the changes.

Step 9: Close iBackupBot. Open iTunes and restore that backup on your mobile device.

After your iPhone or iPad will be restored from backup, you can again use the same gesture unlock “Slide to unlock”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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