Users of instant messengers in Russia will be obliged to pass the procedure of identification

Mediacommunications Union (ISS), which unites mobile operators and media holdings, is working on a new bill, which stipulates the requirement for messengers to identify each user through mobile operators.

The intent of the ISS, messengers must enter into contracts with mobile operators. Each messenger should be sent to provider Internet services data on users, and he will compare this with their data about subscribers (name), and report the match or mismatch. Instant messengers can transfer messages only from authenticated users.

The edition “Kommersant” specifies that the law will apply to all services that include messaging, including mail, video and even games. “It has all the hallmarks of anti-competitive restrictions of business activity,ā€” said the interlocutor of the resource. ā€” This once again will put the Russian developers in worse position compared with their foreign competitors.

It is also proposed to require the messengers to allow the sending of electronic messages initiated by the government. To instant messengers and video services are encouraged to apply requirements to prevent the spread of illegal information, as well as mass mailings. In addition, they proposed to apply the requirements of the law on “right to oblivion”.

In another amendment, this time to “Spring law” ā€” ISS proposes to exempt operators from storing the information that is already stored messengers.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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