Users of Windows 10 Anniversary Update complaining about “blue screen of death”

Recently hundreds of Windows 10 users complained about the “blue screen of death” that appears when you connect e-books. Victims attribute the reason of the unresponsiveness of PC update Anniversary Update, which became available at the beginning of the month.

The most common problem users “e-readers” Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage: when they connect via USB, the operating system immediately hangs and requires a restart.

“On Tuesday I installed the Anniversary Update for Windows 10. Last night, for the first time after upgrading, I connected my Kindle to the USB port 2. As a result, I immediately received a blue screen with a QR code. I rebooted the computer and repeated the procedure several times, even used a different USB cable, but no difference” — leads Life the words of the official forum of Microsoft. Similar reports appeared on other popular sites in the Network.

Some owners of Kindle e-readers have found their own distinctive solution to the problem: they stick the “reader” to the computer before turn it on. In this case, the PC does not hang and sees the book.

Microsoft refused to comment on the issue.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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