Users “Sberbank Online” has faced problems with mobile payments

Users of the mobile application Sberbank can’t log in due to maintenance work. The Bank promises to fix the problems on Sunday.

Internet Bank Sberbank Sberbank online on Saturday evening, October 15, worked with the constraints, according to Rbc. The user said that he could not log in to the mobile Bank app from your phone, from 18:30 for 19:00 GMT. After he managed to make the payment. In addition, there was no information about the history of operation, services, personal planning, and a number of other information services.

In the call-center of Sberbank told RBC that the Bank has conducted technical work, which “may experience temporary restrictions at the entrance to “Sberbank online”, besides operations which require confirmation, may not appear or be displayed incorrectly”.

Late in the evening, at 22:25 Moscow time the employee call-center of Sberbank said that to log into the mobile app now it is impossible, and many customers have already complained about this problem.

The representative of the press service of Sberbank has confirmed information about the technical work with the service “Sberbank online”. However, he declined to specify what services are not working.

“In connection with the maintenance, there are limitations associated with the provision of information services in “Sberbank online”. Work will be completed October 16, — said the press officer.

The Bank stressed that “transfers and payments “Sberbank online” are conducted in a regular mode”.

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