Users Transmission, you should check your Mac for viruses

If you recently installed on your Mac torrent client Transmission, which is actively used and we, the editors, you should check your computer for viruses. As reported by Eset, the application site was again hacked, and in the installation file hackers introduced malicious code.

It is unclear when the virus is in the distribution of the application under attack precisely those who have downloaded Transmission version 2.92 in the period from 28 to 29 August 2016. This time the hackers used Trojan Keydnap, which can steal data from the “keychain” and install a backdoor.

How to check that your Mac is infected? If you still have the installation file, check its name: if the secure distribution called Transmission is 2.92.dmg., the malicious — Transmission2.92.dmg. In addition, look for on the computer the following files:



$HOME/Library/Application Support/

$HOME/Library/Application Support/


/Library/Application Support/


Their presence indicates that your computer is infected and needs immediate treatment.

Now a malicious file on the app again replaced by safe, so you can download the software without any concerns.

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