Users were able to modify the Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is a fantastic tool with which the iPad Pro is starting to impress. However, users had a question to Apple: how to wear Pencil Apple? No original case for iPad Pro has no attachment to the pen, and the only way to attach Apple Pencil to the tablet itself — is to insert it into the Lightning connector, which, as you can guess, not the most convenient and safest mode of transportation. Fortunately, clever users have found a solution.

Apple Pencil is a pencil, and hence it should be used as a pencil. This was guided by a Reddit user with the nickname texasdoesitbest who took a conventional automatic pencil, removed the clip and planted it at the Apple Pencil. With this clip it can clip the pen from Apple on any notebook, breast pocket and even the Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard.

Of course, third-party accessory manufacturers are already trying to solve the problem of fixing Apple Pencil, but not everyone will like the cover from a third-party, especially when it comes to iPad Pro, which you can buy an excellent case-keyboard from Apple.

According to the materials of 9to5Mac

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