Vertu introduced in Russia affordable smartphone for 300 000 rubles

The company Vertu introduced a new collection of luxury smartphones Aster Chevron. The device will go on sale at a price of “only” 293 000 Russian rubles, which is almost 100 000 less than the minimum value already present in the RF devices of the brand.

As described in the company, the smartphone uses a heavy-duty Italian material with a textured design, which was created specifically for the collection Aster Chevron.

“Tanned skin is the most accepted material in the industry of luxury, which, however, does not fit all. Previously, the smartphone of modern materials was only available as part of our service to manufacture the phones to order. I am very pleased that we can now offer the Aster collection Chevron all of our customers,” commented Hutch Hutchison, Vertu’s chief designer.

CEO Gordon Watson in an interview with the Lenta stressed that “Aster Chevron retained the basic components of the DNA of the brand: titanium case, sapphire screen, personalized services and modern technologies”.

“Potential buyers Aster Chevron are two groups of customers — those looking for an alternative to leather for ethical reasons, as well as those who would like to use experience Vertu at a more affordable price,” explained Watson.

The smartphone will be available in pink, blue and black colors. The start of sales of cheap Vertu is scheduled for Wednesday, June 29.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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