[VIDEO] 2 weeks with the iPhone 6s Plus

Move on new smart phones is not always easy. For example, moving from iPhone 5/5s 6/6 Plus for many was difficult a serious change in weight and size characteristics. It seems that when adding the letter S to the model 6 approach was the same: a little thicker, a little heavier, but still better. Or not? We made (almost voluntarily) one of the authors to abandon the iPhone 6 Plus and only use a 6s Plus, and then in video format to share my impressions.

If you read our review of the iPhone 6s and waited for the same words and about the iPhone 6s Plus, in vain. Tell us more about the 3D Touch, a new glass covering the display and a new aluminum that protects the new stuffing is to repeat word for word information about 6s at a discount on the slightly large size. Does that make sense? At first it seemed that Yes. At the end of the ends, iPhone 6s Plus — the device is fresh and the flagship from Cupertino will remain for a long time. But as there is no difference — what for to multiply entities?

But to share comparative experiences, not colliding with two devices, that is, “in a forehead”, why not. Yes, subjectivity in such comparison is greater than our typical “collisions” devices, but personal experience is also valuable. So nice view!

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