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Today, we, together with our friends and partners from the service center ModMac will tell you how to replace the housing on your iPhone and give your smartphone a unique way. See: it’s not as hard as you think.

Apple traditionally does not indulge the fans in a variety of colors devices. All iPhones except the first generation and before the release of the iPhone 5s had only 2 color options, and only in 2015, with the release of the 6s, have become available as many as 4 colors to choose from.

However, since the first iPhone there is the possibility of customization: 1) repaint the original case that is problematic; 2) to put non-original case right color and good quality. Today we will talk about the second, more common operation.

At the moment, our friends from the service center ModMac are available in all the colours of the buildings. Core is blue, red, green, pink and others. At any time you can make a reservation on the desired color, including a rare (to the exclusives are rare colors that are not present in the main palette, and also chrome housings, covered with gold leaf, the buildings with images on the back wall, drawn with the help of engraving or ornament).

Besides different colors, there are buildings with an unusual design, for example, on the iPhone 5/5s in style iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 original colors of the iPhone 6s.

The conversion of iPhone 6 models in 6s is pretty simple and does not bear any consequences for you and your device. It is important that when replacing the body the master did not forget to rearrange the glass chamber, as on the original body it sapphire, so no scratches.

Put stylized iPhone 6 case on iPhone 5 and the button from iPhone 5s Gold, but, of course, Touch ID. This work takes no more than two and a half hours, but the time spent on updating your iPhone will bring a lot of fun after getting your hands on a smaller version of the iPhone 6.

In the process of changing the frame of the wizard will clean the insides from dust and dirt, blow compressed air all the external parts of cameras and protection glass, install a new battery pack double-sided tape (it is important to use new and not an old stick out of the body). And the final touch: the building will feature a new lower bolt in body colour.

As for the quality of buildings, to determine by eye is difficult. Experts from ModMac talked about the cases when the housing is in quality one to one matches the original, but the internal bracing is done very badly. To collect this phone is a very complex and time-consuming process: you have a lot to finish manually. On the other hand, it happens that externally, the building looks average, when it is assembled and done very efficiently.

Therefore, the quality of the buildings is tested with the arrival of each new batch: it is important that they are as close as possible to the original. Surprisingly, in ModMac even get feedback from customers about a more robust coating some aftermarket housings.

It is important to remember that any intervention in the hardware device, you automatically lose the warranty from Apple (if there are any left, of course). Therefore, when replacing the body on the warranty phone be sure to leave the old building itself, to return it to its original state in case of serious damage.

Housing replacement for iPhone ā€“ this is the most complex type of modular repair, even from experienced professionals process takes 1 to 2 hours, including time for testing after replacement. If you want to do it yourself, I can give some advice: be patient, be careful with the ribbon cables (when will disassemble the device), it is important not to lose a number of small elements (bolts, plugs), try to remember the order of installation of parts. And the most important tip: do not mess with unknown quality buildings, otherwise the process may end at the middle of the road.

If you still have questions ā€“ ModMac specialists will be happy to answer them in the comments! Also recall that for all kinds of work in the service center ModMac 10% discount for readers

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