Video games develop the brain — the researchers tested on Dota 2

The researchers found that the brain experienced gamers more gray matter.

Relevant article published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature a team of scientists from China and Canada.

To study the effect of video games on the brain, they compared between 27 active players with good results and 30 “fans”, who played less and did not achieve significant victories. Members of the advanced group were participants in regional or national Championships for USA League of Legends and Dota 2.

The observations revealed a correlation between the level of skills and the amount of gray matter, as well as the quality of brain activity.

In other words, get fitter than the players were, the better their brains worked. Gray matter is concentrated in critical areas of the brain. Its volume affects General cognitive ability and individual skills like communication.

The study notes that excessive passion for video games does not necessarily affect mental skills. It’s just one of the activities that helps develop neural connections.

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