#Video: is it worth buying the iPhone 7?

The story that every year in autumn the “iPhones” turn into pumpkins, is as old as the world. And the only question that in these situation you will need to answer is always the same: is it worth buying the new model or wait another year? To this question we try to answer in our new video.

Just note that this video is intended for those who are not happy with a 5.5-inch form factor and therefore essentially makes a choice in favor of the model without annotations Plus. If the iPhone 7 Plus, which is a boon for mobile photographers, is more or less clear, then what about the iPhone 6s, which would be happy to upgrade, but don’t quite understand how much better their life is after you go to “seven”?

Let’s sit on the shelves and lay out all the arguments for and against the purchase of a new iPhone. For a start, as usual, let’s discuss the design. As we already know, externally, the iPhone 7 is not radically much different from the previous generation, especially if we are talking about models with standard colors — gold, silver and “rose gold”. Therefore, in order to stand out, I advise you to think seriously about purchasing the black version that not only looks great, but even at a distance leaves no doubt that you have the newest model, and not some last year.

To speak of the highest build quality would be superfluous, since it is possible to tell about all the latest iPhone models. Besides, the case was waterproof, take note, if this is true. Meanwhile, if for some reason the iPhone will become worthless due to contact with water, no one guarantees it will not change, this is also not forget.

Have iPhone 7 in two controversial innovations that you must consider when buying. First, there is no analog audio, and that may disappoint some audiophiles, who do not willing to give up their expensive headphones with a traditional Jack. Specifically for such users, there is an adapter, but how it looks aesthetically, you yourself can imagine.

Secondly, the Home button has ceased to be mechanical and became touch. Despite the advantages of such solutions in terms of interface, there is one negative point worth mentioning. Button recognizes touch only tokoprovodu items, such as a human finger or, for example, a supported stylus. This means that if you wear gloves, you will now not be able to use not only a touch screen, but the Home button. That is trivial to unlock the screen you have to either bare hand or buy special gloves that you can use the touchscreen. Meanwhile, even the old iPhone 5s with iOS installed 10 you can unlock without using your fingers.

For fans of high-performance the good news is that the new iPhone 7 is equipped with a more powerful processor a10 Fusion with four cores. It could be included among the indisputable advantages of new items, but hand on heart: even heavy toys continue to fly on the iPhone of the previous generation. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will notice a significant increase in performance if you upgrade from the model 6s. The same goes for the display: despite the improvement, such a dramatic step forward, as it was with the transition to Retina, and this year we have not noticed.

That’s what is really worth to praise the company, Tim cook, that’s for the memory of all iPhone models is now doubled. The younger model now has 32 GB of storage, the eldest does has 256 GB. While the iPhone 7 Plus, which we would recommend to purchase the version with 128 GB force dramatically higher quality photos and videos and, accordingly, their increased size, with a 32-Gigabyte version of the iPhone 7 is quite possible to live. Of course, if you are not shooting hours of blockbuster movies in 4K.

Another positive feature of where we want to draw attention to is the battery. IPhone battery grow in capacity each year, but as computing power is also growing, the real battery life remains unchanged. However, this year Apple has worked so well that “seven” is able to live on a single charge for an hour longer. Another listened to the album, watched episode of your favorite drama or completed level Badland.

Still scratching your head and don’t dare to make a choice? Let’s finally touch on the most unpleasant aspect. In the official Russian online Apple store the new iPhone 7 sold at a price of 57 000 rubles. If you are sure that all the above advantages of the new enough, you can safely lose this amount. But please note that the iPhone 6s in the same store costs by as much as 9 000 less.

What do you lose, if you want to save? Fashionable black color, waterproof housing, additional hours of work, increased storage, and slightly improved camera and processor. At the same time, you will not be without dear to our hearts audio Jack and will get a Home button, which can be used in your favorite grandma’s mittens. We hope our videos help you make the right choice.

We thank the online store i-Ray for courtesy to review iPhone 7. To buy a smartphone you can on the official website of the store.

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