Video of the day: Apple Park at sunset

Blogger Duncan Sinfield regularly publishes shot using drone videos that show the process of building the new Apple headquarters. On the eve on his YouTube channel there was a recent video: this time we showed a great evening shots Apple Park. At sunset, the lights in the ring the main building included – the spectacle is impressive.

The headquarters of Apple Park for 12 000 employees, made in the form of a giant ring. The first employees will take in the next 30 days. In the future, the new building will call for 500 employees on a weekly basis. The building will not fit all: some employees have to work in the auxiliary building, which is located near the main office.

Work areas arranged in Apple Park, maximally integrate with an external part of the complex. For example, one of the glass walls of the dining room will move to nice weather, the staff had lunch in the fresh air.

The very dining room with capacity of 4,000 visitors at a time: Steve jobs specifically asked the building’s architect Norman foster to do only one cafe, to the workers every day to meet each other and exchange ideas over lunch.

The perimeter of the building-a donut with nine inputs is equal to 1. Apple equips a fitness room with an area of 9300 square meters and two-storey room for yoga. Wall of the last stone of the hall looked the same as favorite of Steve jobs in Yosemite national Park.

The area headquarters will be 70 ha. in Addition to buildings, this area will be 9,000 trees planted in accordance with the personal wishes of Steve jobs. The body will get electricity from solar panels mounted on the roof.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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