Videofact: the developer has launched for Android iPhone with case

Apple devices is a successful combination of design, performance and functionality. The output users get the whole product which even it is inconvenient to divide into hardware and software components. Decisive role in this identification, first, played the closed nature of all Apple software products, whereas Android is allowed to modify as much as necessary and install on anything.

Perhaps, the rivalry between Apple and Google ā€“ the cold war is without winners and losers, will last indefinitely. Moreover, do not expect Apple to open iOS for manufacturers. Suffice it to recall the epic with the unlock or jailbreak. The company protects sensitive consumer inviolability of its mobile OS and reacts very harshly to attempts to break through the defense system.

But is this a reason can stop enthusiast, in whose hands is the mobile Android platform with rich functionality and open source? Indeed, precisely because of the openness originally intended for ARM-processor operating system Google has been successfully ported over to other platforms, including Intel x86.

Developer Nick Lee from the new York Studio Tendigi has developed a complete method of running the Android operating system on the iPhone. To do this he had to create a special case for the smartphone.

In the framework of a project to run Android on the iPhone the developer has created a custom version of Android Marshmallow based on Android Open Source Project to run on the HiKey Board. He then printed out on a 3D printer case the correct size for iPhone and place for the Board, battery, inverter and resistor. The case was also provided with USB ports, HDMI and a slot for memory cards.

In the video below you can see the results of Tendigi ā€” run full Android on the iPhone.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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