Videofact: your iPhone 7 in the color “black onyx” instantly covered with scratches

The first buyers of the iPhone 7 have already faced some of the disadvantages of the “Apple” of new products. There are videos which show the characteristic features of the models in the color “black onyx” or Jet Black, and forums for newly minted owners of these smartphones complain of scratches on the housings. Check the fingerprints on the surface of the iPhone 7 in a new glossy black appears almost immediately after unpacking, and scratches on the body you can get after a few hours of using the device.

Apple says that the iPhone 7 in the color “black onyx” is made from sleek brushed aluminium, and to achieve the glossy effect shell model subjected to high-precision nine-the process of anodizing and polishing. The result is a deep black color, the border between glass and aluminum are virtually indistinguishable.

Experiment videoblogger jerryrigeverything once showed that a iPhone 7 shade “black onyx” scratched much easier than the models in other colors. On the other hand, in this case with the gloss effect looks so much more original than the usual aluminum, so you have to choose what is best: the usual matte or glossy fresh, but with scratches — bleak formulates the dilemma of the author of the video.

“The surface of the case is as solid as other Apple products with anodized housings. However brilliant the latter may be clearly visible micro-scratches from use. If you are worried on this account, we recommend that you use one of the many available cases to protect your smartphone” – says on the Apple website.

In order to keep the shiny new iPhone 7 in its original form and avoid scratches, users will have to hide this beauty in the case.

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