“VKontakte” Durov said, calling the new design a copy of the social network Facebook five years ago

The operating Director of “Vkontakte” Andrew Rogozov responded to criticism of the founder of the service Pavel Durov, who described the new design of the social network outdated copy of Facebook. According to him, after the change of design “Vkontakte” users are 6% more to communicate and for 10% more likely to “likes”.

This week in the publication “the 7 key improvements in the new design of the web version of “Vkontakte” (note Durova called “7 claims to the new design of the web version of “Vkontakte”) Rogozov noted that in the new version, users have to send more messages, more likely to view and “like” posts and send requests for adding friends. This suggests that communication of “Vkontakte” has become more convenient and “smart ribbon” offers users a more interesting news.

The new interface, according to Mace, simplified the navigation, the audio player is faster, besides users new features, like photo editor with stickers and graffiti.

“The updated website provides a solid framework for creating new products and improving existing services. It was a risky experiment, and it turned out to be successful”, ā€” concluded the representative of “Vkontakte”.

Previously Durov said that the new design elements of “Vkontakte” was blindly copied from Facebook 2012. He noted that the sensing information has become less convenient, the site has become more “sad and gloomy”.

“Old design “Vkontakte”, not changing for a few years, definitely in need of some aesthetic improvements and rethinking in the new styles. But the redesign not only meets the standards of 15-16 years (such as Material), but also reduces osobennosti resource”, ā€” wrote Durov.

“VKontakte” moved all users to the new design on August 17. How to bring back the old version of the design can be found here.

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