“VKontakte” has launched money transfers between users

Users of social network “Vkontakte” appeared the opportunity to translate each other money. The minimum amount of non-cash transfer in the social network are 100 rubles. Running a new feature on the website, and mobile apps.

As of September 20, all registered users “Vkontakte” you can send money to your friends. The system supports Visa, Mastercard and Maestro, but they have to be released in Russia. The card number should not be specified: he will choose where he wants to withdraw their money.

The developers noted that the minimum transfer amount is 100 rubles and a maximum of 75 000. For owners of cards Visa Commission of 1% of the transfer amount (not less than 40 rubles). The users of MasterCard and Maestro, receiving the translation, the promise to gift a set of stickers, and when sending a card will not be charged Commission.

So far, the service works in desktop version of website and mobile apps for Android and Windows Phone. Updated the app for iOS should come out in the near future.

To send money, users of the web version, you need to open a dialogue with the recipient. Below the input field for the message you have to press the “More” button in the drop down menu appears “Money”.

“The popularity of banking cards among the users of “Vkontakte” is growing steadily. The share of this payment method accounts for half of the payments. The number of attached pages of Bank cards also continues to grow. In these conditions, “Vkontakte” as a communication platform can help users solve important everyday problem ā€” how to transfer money to each other. The more that we offer some of the best conditions of conducting of money transfers from card to card in Russia, ā€” said the Director of e-Commerce “Vkontakte” Yuri Ivanov.

In February 2016, a similar service was implemented by the social network “Odnoklassniki”. Translating from 500 to 75 000 rubles, and the minimum fee is 35 rubles.

Users in Runet yet prefer the more familiar specialized services and financial applications. But in the near future, experts believe, the volume of transfers within social networks will grow.

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