Vladimir Putin from the Crimea refused to change the name for the iPhone 7

The resident of the Crimean Peninsula, Vladimir Putin refused to change the name in exchange for the iPhone 7. The Russians said that was the namesake of the President of the country because he was close to the principles upheld by the President.

In the Republic of Crimea found full namesake of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. A local resident decided to take the name of the President in March 2014 after the historic reunification of the Peninsula with Russia.

A local resident said that he had taken a new name, because he subscribes to the same values that the head of state. However, he refused to change the name even for the new Apple smartphone.

“I came SMS from a friend from Germany, who stumbled on the Internet on a strange action – namesakes Putin offered the iPhone 7 if they change the name. They are unaware that the principles are not for sale at any price”, – quotes its words “RIA Novosti”.

In early November, we will remind, the first Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian “PrivatBank” Oleg Gorokhovsky has announced an unusual promotion. He promised that his company will give iPhone 7 the residents of Russia and Ukraine, who will replace their “aversive” names until the end of the year. Among the list of names came to be owned by Russian President Putin. “Anti-Putin offer is also valid on the territory of Russia”, – said Gorokhovsky.

A resident of the Crimea Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin refused iPhone 7

Vladimir Putin from the Crimea refused to change the name for the iPhone 7, but admitted that bear the name of the President of Russia hard. “Always rude on the phone, I think you’re joking when you seem” – he said. According to the namesake of the President, it is not uncommon to require to present a passport, because I don’t believe that coincidence.

Putin from the Crimea said that the name puts some responsibility. For example, faced with extortion by officials, a resident of the Peninsula refused to pay them bribes. According to him, the man bearing the last name of the President may not commit a similar offence.

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