W3 makes the Apple Watch Stand vintage Macintosh

We will continue to talk about accessories for your new Apple Watch, which you probably received as a gift for the New year. At least Apple really wanted to you got them. Recently, we talked about the new sports band for wearing the watch on the shoulder. Replacement straps will be useful. A more useful charging stand hours. Can choose the stand from Apple, but for loyal fans of the company, there is a much more interesting option.

Accessory maker Elago has released the W3 Stand. Not all are able to understand what he is so remarkable, but regular readers of our website, just looking at the picture of the stand, just understand that it turns the Apple Watch into a miniature version of the vintage Macintosh computer, which will show you the current time and date. It looks amazing.

In this stand, as in many others, you have to use your own charger for the Apple Watch. Stand will fit all models of the Apple Watch, but it is worth noting that you’ll need version watch OS 2 or later for operation of the time display mode in landscape orientation while charging. W3 Stand costs only $ 12. Stand available in white and black colors.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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